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Enterprise bank reconciliation system - standard version
(providing video teaching)


Product Name£ºEnterprise bank reconciliation system - standard version
(providing video teaching)
For User groups£º
For enterprises and institutions of the financial sector, the bank journal and bank automatically hook on to the bill, the final balance adjustment table automatic generation, on account of the ¡®Nissin month knot¡® management. The standard version only supports a bank account.

Video Teaching

1¡¢Product Introduction

    Enterprise & Bank reconciliation system (EBAsys) is Information system for the enterprises and institutions in the financial sector, the statement and bank statement for automatic blending, finally shaped balance adjustment table of a financial management system.

    The Stand version support only a bank account. 


(1) Rapid implementation, fast blending, rapid formation of reconciliation.
(2) Support Excel2003, Excel2007, TXT file type.
(3) Support all kinds of import file format, support from the template to import (the 'Sys setting / system parameters under the' import mode 'is set to' import templates').
(4) Support manual input bills, bills, bills manually edit manually delete, manual blending. Support for multiple detailed manual blending liquor (total amount must be consistent).
(5) The best blending matching algorithm of intelligent.
(6) The clear introduction: import bank statement - > enterprise billing details - > Automatic Blending - > manual blending - > generation reconciliation - > archive. After filing the bill was locked, no treatment (allow for different people to cancel the filing period).
(7) The statement history that not blending will be into next automatic, become 'previous import'.
(8) The rapid generation of reconciliation. Balance sheets can be exported as Excel2003, Excel2007, TXT file.
(9) Generate bank balance and corporate balance balance balance statistics two automatically.
(10) Can be manually added billing details before filing, can be repeatedly blending, repeated generation of reconciliation.
(11) Combined with the bills display style.
(12) Operation authority management strictly.
(13) The query results can be exported into files: EXCEL, TXT, CSV.......
(14) MD5 and DES hybrid encryption.
(15) The detailed operation log records.
(16) The detailed online help.

3¡¢The user object£º 







Sys setting










Operator log



6¡¢Part of the interface


[Main interface]


[Account Statements]

[Match automatic]


[Manual Match]

[Balance sheet adjustment]

[Balance sheet adjustment report]

Declare: if the Introduction if different with the actual products,then the actual product is as the standard.

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