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    ShenZhen HighfireSun Information Co.,Ltd is design and application of software enterprises and institutions engaged in professional research and development, is committed to the application software of mature technology to all walks of life, to help customers succeed. In strict accordance with the software development quality standard GB/T 19001-2000, uses the safe and efficient exploitation language, advanced development tools, excellent calculation method, encryption method, developed a series of excellent products, industry financial management, logistics, supermarkets, hospitals, telecommunications and other industries throughout the financial system, the main products include ERP, ERP, electric business enterprise, phonetic system, Invoicing system products .

    The founder, after more than 10 years of experience, has created a 'frame chain' development method. Using the 'framework chain' development method, can be converted to the actual needs of customers for the feasibility of the optimal design scheme, and rapid development, at the same time provides a more flexible interface and subsequent business expansion space; using 'design method of frame chain', has developed a more concise, more efficient products, technology has gone beyond individual the international leading level. 'frame chain' design method, applied successfully in tax, petrochemical, securities, telecommunications, public security system, call center, logistics and other industries, no failure case. 'advanced method of frame chain' method by means of PowerDesigner, Rose and other tools, database structure in the foreground frame and background of the show in an intuitive, concise form in front of the user, can be flexibly according to the actual business users need to transform. For example, users consider the copyright problem, the database needs to be transplanted from Oracle to Linux under the platform of Mysql, 'frame chain' can be instant completed, including data dictionary tables, views, triggers, stored procedures, etc. .

    The main business includes: system design, software development, product sales in three major business. The company to provide quality products and services for agents and customers, professional advice and suggestions, that Hung Fu Hing software become industry software in the boutique .

    We live in the era of the IT technology change rapidly, IT technology has been deep into all walks of life, with the continuous development and progress of society, social system and constantly improve and perfect, the industry of IT depends on more and more high, at the same time, the demand of the user also will be more and more, more and more complex, are increasingly high standards. In order to let us come out of the product can do ability to change the status quo, we will be in technology and design continue to improve and expand. Only have the quite perfect design, development technology and industry management concept, developed products have stronger vitality, software development of the road to getting wider and wider, more walk more long, the need to constantly for customer development .

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