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Enterprise bank reconciliation system - standard version
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    To upgrade the system here refers to the software, not local modifications or perfect, but refers to the occurrence of structural changes in the system, for example, from the original single version into the network version, by the C/S network edition become under the browser B/S version

    With the continuous expansion of business mode and business user adjustment, the existing system may need can no longer meet the needs of existing business, this needs to carry on the overall upgrading and transformation of the system. This transformation may be related to the increase of server hardware or expansion, increasing the software of the server, the client access pattern transformation. A hand to ensure success starting production environment system upgrade, but also guarantee the integrity of historical data, this needs to make the overall evaluation and planning system upgrade. The upgrading work mainly includes


1, the formulation of upgrading scheme and the upgrade plan, issued by the escalation of the budget.

2, do a good job in upgrading the risk assessment, can be successfully restored to its original state without affecting the normal business customers upgrade in case of failure.

3, the upgrade was successful after a period of time periodic inspection, eliminate the abnormal data.

4, to submit to the customer to upgrade the acceptance report.

    Through the above work, the new and old system successfully completed the upgrade.

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